Who We Are

Answer Pharma ANSWER Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has been promoted by a team of professionals having vast experience in the field of pharmaceuticals. We are engaged in ethical marketing of our products, which includes Antibiotics, Analgesics / Anti Inflammatory, Injectibles products and a good range of multivitamins and dietary supplements and many more going to be introduced.

We are covering the whole state of Bihar & Jharkhand through our marketing team of Medical Representatives and Area managers. The company has built up a comprehensive base of prescribing doctors and a wide network of stockiest and retailers. Some of our brands are well established in the market.

We as company think that we are not here to make a big profit by our products but we have a vision related with the humanity and charity. We believe that, by providing the better and economically health care products, we are helping the mankind. Good medicines are not those which comes in attractive wrapper, label with a multinational brand and having prices in several hundred. It’s no doubt that these medicines can cure the relevant disease but the same cure can be achieved at much lower cost.

As we know people of our society are poor, yet they try to bear the cost of medicines by spending their entire saving. We are trying to provide that medicines in the market which are as effective as others but are much economically than others. For this we had reduced our profit margin to minimum possible level and thus doing a help to the people of society, in other way we are trying to repay the society by working towards social corporate responsibility.